Keeps the buckle, buckled.

Trusted by families, carers and allied health professionals.

How it works

Using the FAS Buckleguard is easy and intuitive.

Place the FAS Buckleguard over the buckle.

The large slot sits directly on top of the buckle's red release button. 

Buckle the seat belt, placing the tongue through the slot. 

The seat belt buckle is secured, and cannot be unfastened by the passenger.

To unfasten, press a key through slot and push on buckle's red release button.

Additional Information

For Prescribers

FAS Buckleguard is designed in consideration of Standards AS/NZ 4370:2013 Restraint of Children with Disabilities while Travelling in a Motor Vehicle. This outlines considerations for prescribers when determining if the FAS Buckleguard is a suitable product for the client. 

NDIS Information

Buckleguard Pty Ltd services both plan-managed and self-managed NDIS clients via our online store here. 

For NDIA-managed clients, please purchase the FAS Buckleguard from our sister company FAS Therapeutic Equipment at


Buckleguard Pty Ltd is pleased to announce we are now the manufacturer and distributor for FAS Buckleguard. Buckleguard Pty Ltd is the sister company for FAS Therapeutic Equipment Pty Ltd.